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About Us

The purpose of this organization is to promote the development and improvement of the dairy goat industry, providing a vehicle to educate it’s members and the general public.

We have a yearly ADGA-sanctioned show where owners of registered dairy goat  are welcome to bring their goats to show and compete for championships.

We also have a yearly Goat Education Day where many presenters come and speak on a variety of topics from novice, to intermediate and advanced levels of topics.

We have a monthly association meeting where business is taken care of, members and visitors are educated. Now and then we get together for a BBQ social.

North Valley Dairy Goat Association is a registered Non-Profit Organization in the State of California; our registration number is 3086091.


President: Michelle Heino,

Vice President: Courtney Gunn

Secretary: Tom Pella -

Treasurer: Bev Ely, sweetspring



North Valley Dairy Goat Association

P.O. Box 8507, Red Bluff, CA 96080 

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